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Water Drilling Project for the population in Harrar

  • Context and News
  • Objectiv of the Programme
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Context and News

Ethiopia is again bracing for drought in the south-east part of the country. About 5.6 million people need emergency food aid, 9.2 million people lack access to safe drinking water, 300,000 children are at risk of malnutrition and 2.4 million farmers and herders cannot sustainably practice their livelihoods.

Our programmes, particularly in Gode and Harar, are in the drought-affected regions. At the moment, we are affected through water shortages and higher food costs. We have started an emergency response and recovery programme in Harar and Gode, to contribute to the life-saving and livelihood rehabilitation mission of the local government’s comprehensive humanitarian assistance programme. Emergency response teams are deployed, ready to implement the existing emergency response and recovery programme as well any upcoming response programmes.

Objectiv of the Programme

The SOS Children’s Village Harrar is located in East Ethiopia, one of the most arid regions of the country and victim to ongoing droughts. SOS supports the suffering population with a water drilling project consisting of 2 new boreholes for the SOS Children’s Villages, the SOS-Youth Programme, the SOS-Kindergarten, the SOS-School and the SOS-Community Programme. About 4,000 people in Harrar will benefit of this support.

SOS in Ethiopia

SOS Children’s Villages has worked in Ethiopia since 1972 thus serving some 25.000 children and adults through family and community strengthening, direct family based care, education and health care. The local team manages 7 SOS Children’s Villages, 11 SOS Youth Facilities, 7 SOS Kindergartens, 7 SOS-Schools, 5 SOS Vocational Training Centres, 6 SOS Medical Centres and 23 SOS Social Centres.


The children, youth and adults in the community of Harrar can be supported by a donation, either online through the DONATE NOW BUTTON on the left or through a donation to one of our accounts here (mention "Project EP Harrar") or by participating in the ING Marathon or the Color Run.