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Other ways to give

Your donation is a precious help for the children in our care. Your support allows us to finance our projects, which aim at improving the long-term living conditions of abandoned and vulnerable children.

Your donation enables us to pursue our actions in the most efficient and tangible way, by making sure that the children in our care are raised within a family, get access to education in order to improve their future.

Below the different possibilities to make a donation:

Donation by bank transfer
You can make a donation by bank transfer by using one of the following accounts:
  • BIC BILL LU LL / IBAN BILL LU10 0024 1560 4780 0000
  • BIC CCPL LU LL / IBAN CCPL LU65 1111 0050 0053 0000
  • BIC BCEE LU LL / IBAN BCEE LU92 0019 1000 6675 7000
  • BIC BGLL LU LL / IBAN BGLL LU46 0030 5796 7032 0000
  • BIC BLUX LU LL / IBAN BLUX LU60 0081 5730 1200 1003

Your donation is tax deductible
Donations are tax deductible and consequently our organization will provide you with a tax certificate that you can file with your annual tax report.

For any question linked with tax certificates and/or sponsorships feel free to contact our secretariat by phone: (+352) 490.430

Personal data obtained through your donation will be treated in accordance with the law of 2 August 2002 on the protection of persons with regard to the processing of personal data.