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Emergency appeal for the victims of Mocoa (Colombia)

  • Context and Background
  • Programme Objective
  • SOS in Colombia
  • Funding

Context and Background

Mocoa is a municipality in the south of Colombia, in the department of Putumayo. On March 31st, the three main rivers that surround the area created mudslides that flooded and ran over the majority of the municipality, taking down complete neighborhoods and the main infrastructure. This has become the major tragedy in the history of the region of Putumayo. It has been estimated that about 45.000 people have been affected by this disaster, leaving at least 254 fatal victims, over 200 people injured, and many are still disappeared.  

More than 200 children have disappeared or are separated from their families. The Hospital cannot provide attention to all the injured people and the local infrastructure is not enough. The region is not accessible through land, since the main roads are blocked and bridges have collapsed. Also, the region does not have access to electricity and water services. It has been informed that 17 neighborhoods in Mocoa have been affected by the mudslides. The severity of needs is likely to be exposed when access improves, especially in the shelter and WASH sectors.  

School services are suspendend until further notice (affecting around 12.500 children). There are 5 shelters in place, with almost 1.400 persons without proper attention. 

Programme Objective

SOS is currently assessing the situation, together with OCHA, the State and other actors on the ground, and will define more specific actions as an in-depth analysis can be done:
  • Child friendly spaces for children
  • WASH: Water and hygiene sanitation training for families, and provision of kits for those families that require them.
  • Family psychosocial support and orientation in the crisis, and training for recovery.
  • Shelter for children  separated  from  their  families, support  in  reintegration of  families,  and coordination with legal authorities.
Target population and intended beneficiaries
Children and families, affected by the avalanche:
  • Unaccompanied children, and children that have lost care of their families totally or temporarily.
  • Families with children that have lost their homes.
  • Children affected by post-disaster illnesses
Main activities / Focus areas (sectors)
All activities will be planned and carried out in line with the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and Sphere Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response.

  • Child friendly spaces for children: Daily activities to reduce exposure of them to risks and guarantee basic access to food.
  • Family psychosocial support and orientation in the crisis, and training for recovery.
  • Tracing, tracking and reunification of UASC; support in reintegration of families, and coordination with legal authorities for restoration of rights and custody.
EMERGENCY SHELTER: temporary shelter for children separated from their families, using capacity from organizations of the State and other allies.

WASH: Provision of kits for families with children, training in correct use of water filters, hygiene and adequate disposal of garbage.

SOS in Colombia

At present there are seven SOS Children’s Villages, five SOS Youth Facilities, one SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, two SOS Vocational Training Centres and sixteen SOS Social Centres. The activities of SOS Children's Villages in Colombia started in 1971. The first programme was established in Bogota, the country's capital city. Currently SOS Children's Villages is supporting children both in SOS families and in their families of origin through seven programmes in the country. 


To help and assist children and families affected by the deadly floods and mudslides, it is possible to make a donation through our CCPL IBAN LU65 1111 0050 0053 0000 (mention « Emergency Colombia »).